Boy Meets Girl // Adrienette

Boy Meets Girl // Adrienette

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half of a whole By blazingEmber Updated Dec 17, 2017

He's all anyone wants to be. Especially if you're dating Lillian Rossi, you're bound to be the most popular boy that DuPont High School has ever seen. 

But this year, something is bound to change. Something that he's not entirely aware of. And this change might just change his life forever. 

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{ an Adrienette FIC. }

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acquanetta acquanetta Dec 10, 2017
Technically Adrien has only ever had one first day of school.
Sansxkenzie Sansxkenzie Dec 19, 2017
Not trying to be critict but she has Bluebell eyes. But hey it's your story. She could have actually been a ladybug with red and black eyes.😄😄😄
Sansxkenzie Sansxkenzie Dec 19, 2017
Why Adri. why that lying cow. I mean Chloe is better than her and that is saying a lot.😝 BAE! Break up with her
I made a random profile and I know my sister will get mad at me =/
Sansxkenzie Sansxkenzie Dec 19, 2017
Dangggg! REKT! What happened to my Mari. Wait is she all grown up. Squeeeee . Get it girl!
IsabelleJacobs1 IsabelleJacobs1 Dec 20, 2017
God it's weird that grade sistem . It works so different here .