The Guardian Of Konoha

The Guardian Of Konoha

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KingIsCutest By Amy_Senpai Updated Oct 02, 2017

With his trust betrayed and the safety of his village under threat, Aki faces the greatest dilemma he could ever dread to encounter. 

Save his friends at the cost of himself...
Or become strong enough to save them of his own power.

Only problem is, there's a time limit.

Aki has become a magnet for all kinds of trouble and finding the one person he has been seeking for is just the last thing Aki needs.

How will Aki cope with all the pressure his power places upon him, how will he save his newfound family from a threat posed by his own blood.

And just how will Aki have time for the one person who brightens his complicated life?

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boredartists boredartists Dec 28, 2017
                              The thing is, it doesn’t really matter because he gets the mark removed during his fight with Itachi... so this really sucks.
ghsreads ghsreads Nov 03, 2017
Thank god! I thought there wasn't a sequel but I decided to read your other books and yep. Woo!
mebecanadian mebecanadian May 09, 2017
So sorta random question. Is Aki's father Hidan? Because he always says "Jashin. That was...." and Hidan was a Jashinist. Not to mention that Hidan also has white hair
LittleBirdVonni LittleBirdVonni Sep 22, 2016
I now know how kakashi feels, like I'm not a pervert and this isn't an 18+ book but I don't like reading BoyXBoy but THE PLOTLINE IS TOO GOOD *^*
Evelyn_Thane Evelyn_Thane Sep 03, 2016
When I saw this chapter I wanted to read it immediately, but I was in theatre practice so I read the second I got out
sapphireaautumn sapphireaautumn Sep 07, 2016
Yes! I love this story!!! Such a smooth transition too from book 1 to 2 good job!!!!!!!