Haruhi's Twin |Hikaru| (Discontinued)

Haruhi's Twin |Hikaru| (Discontinued)

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Hannah♌ By BrokenDoll0806 Updated Oct 26, 2016

Howdy! I'm Haruka Fujioka! Haruhi's Twin/ other half. I've been separated from them for 5 years. I lived with my Grandparents in England. So i was closer to them.

I wonder if Haruhi is still doing great. I heard that she got a scholarship from Ouran. And, that she was in a club called host club. 

Since i heard that she was doing well. I, her little sister, will be coming back and study at the prestigious school. Ouran Highschool. But, it is a secret so, sshhh.

Expect many trips, craziness, perverts and getting closer and closer to a certain twin,-)


P.S I do not own Ouran. Only Haruka

ChenoaB17 ChenoaB17 Apr 03
Hello? Is it me you'r looking for? 
                              HELLO FROM THEE OTHER SIIIIIIIIIDEEEE!!!!
1)I mean it's crazy 
                              1) we finish each other's 
                              2) Sandwiches!!
                              1)No! I love you but this is my sandwich and I'm hungry
ChenoaB17 ChenoaB17 Apr 03
Let it go~! Let it go~! Can't hold it back anymore~! Let it goooo~!
                              I like warm pugs-I mean hugs! 😂
Oh! Ok then! Go right ahea- wait... something is fishy here and it isn't Undyne....
🎶🎤 Love is an open doooooooooorrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!🎶
ChenoaB17 ChenoaB17 Apr 03
She was protecting her from you. Who knows, you could have flown out to see her or have her come earlier  XD