Haruhi's Twin |Hikaru| (Discontinued)

Haruhi's Twin |Hikaru| (Discontinued)

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Hannah♌ By BrokenDoll0806 Updated Oct 26, 2016

Howdy! I'm Haruka Fujioka! Haruhi's Twin/ other half. I've been separated from them for 5 years. I lived with my Grandparents in England. So i was closer to them.

I wonder if Haruhi is still doing great. I heard that she got a scholarship from Ouran. And, that she was in a club called host club. 

Since i heard that she was doing well. I, her little sister, will be coming back and study at the prestigious school. Ouran Highschool. But, it is a secret so, sshhh.

Expect many trips, craziness, perverts and getting closer and closer to a certain twin,-)


P.S I do not own Ouran. Only Haruka

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ChenoaB17 ChenoaB17 Apr 03
Hello? Is it me you'r looking for? 
                              HELLO FROM THEE OTHER SIIIIIIIIIDEEEE!!!!
1)I mean it's crazy 
                              1) we finish each other's 
                              2) Sandwiches!!
                              1)No! I love you but this is my sandwich and I'm hungry
ChenoaB17 ChenoaB17 Apr 03
Let it go~! Let it go~! Can't hold it back anymore~! Let it goooo~!
                              I like warm pugs-I mean hugs! 😂
Oh! Ok then! Go right ahea- wait... something is fishy here and it isn't Undyne....
🎶🎤 Love is an open doooooooooorrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!🎶
ChenoaB17 ChenoaB17 Apr 03
She was protecting her from you. Who knows, you could have flown out to see her or have her come earlier  XD