dolan twins imagines

dolan twins imagines

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chimmy chunga By afdolans Updated Jul 21


e & g
et & gr
eth & gra
etha & gray
ethan & grays
ethan & grayso
ethan & grayson 

imagines, home skillets! 

cover made by my gf; @-foreverupp

WHAT!! Why you always lying... but for real please don't ever say or think that again because you are actually SO drop dead gorgeous
but when you're older than yo daddies. 😂💘 but 4 months.
Ggggiiiiiiirrrrrrllllllll stop I hate it when people call themselves trash I hate that so much if your alive your worth something
                              Did that make sense?😅
ME . ME . ME . 
                              me when my little brother thinks a girl is cute.
We have the same name finally someone whose name is and is spelt the same as mine
eagerdolan eagerdolan Oct 01
wtf that's a lie bc you are gorgeous lmao im the one that looks like a rat