Free! Stories (One-shot FF)

Free! Stories (One-shot FF)

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Haru-chan By MeganODowd Updated Oct 28

Hello everyone! So I've decided to make one-shot fanfictions with the boys from Free! Iwatobi Swim Club. Since won't allow second person POV I thought I'd upload them here. I am a huge fan of the series and want to share my love for the boys. Hope you enjoy my stories!

Here are a few excerpts:

The one person who might have been able to save you from getting drenched, and he didn't have an umbrella of his own. (Caught in the Rain HaruxReader)

"You look really cute when you're concentrating." Between that compliment, and the loving look on his face, you wouldn't have been able to keep concentrating on work even if you wanted to. (Studying MakotoxReader)

"You," he complimented. Your cheeks flushed crimson from embarrassment because you knew your mom was most likely listening. (Jealous RinxReader)

Sousuke whirled on you. You could see the burning anger in his cool eyes. "Don't you see (F/n)?! It's not just about this one loss!" (Physical Therapy SousukexReader)

"You don't have to worry Rei-kun. I will only have eyes for you." You reached over and touched his hand as reassurance. (Butterflies ReixReader)

After you get dressed and eat, head to the cafe where I licked whipped cream from your cheek. (Scavenger Hunt NagisaxReader)

All the while Gou was fangirling like she does when seeing muscles. She was rooting for each boy to do their best. (Special VariousxReader)

(A/N: Rin's proposal finished and posted! Working on a special for 50 chapters.)