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☆Rin☆ By IIRiverStarsII Updated Aug 29, 2016

I, Lucy White, discovered I was peculiar when I was only nine years old.

By then my mother had abandoned my father a few years before, which left me to live alone with my short-tempered, alcoholic father. My father of course still held a grudge against my mother for leaving him to take care of me on my own, and often came home late at night drunk. When he was like this, he often lost his temper over the smallest things. I had a collection of bruises all over my arms and legs from my father's sudden outbursts, and tried my best to stay out of the way when he was like this.

But one particular night my father returned home smelling like booze, and found me asleep on the couch with a book in my hand. I had simply been reading, and taken a nap. Of course my father just wanted an excuse to take his anger out on the child he never wanted. 

"I thought I told you to go to bed before I left!" My father yelled, his face turned purple with rage. "So why are you still here reading that stupid...

BlusterBlurb BlusterBlurb 6 days ago
I hope I'm not crazy and everyone felt sad at this point. It's just that moment for book lovers when you want to hug a character, but you can't.....ugh.