Her Smile (Part2) [JK]

Her Smile (Part2) [JK]

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×Ana× By SinisterJeon Updated Jan 11

Jungkook and MinJi are back again with their new found love story! 

A fast forward a handful of years into the lives of the two main characters shows they're finally in college and have graduated high school. Though Jungkook had to move away, the two lovebirds still find ways to keep in touch- whether it be through texts, calls, or facetime, they still manage to find time for each other through their busy schedules.

But when Jungkook finally returns, how much will he have changed? How much will MinJi have changed? 

Someone else returns and steps into the picture, but will the one and only get between Jungkook and MinJi? 

What troubles will lie in the paths of the two? Can Jungkook forever keep Her Smile? Or will he lose it along the way?

Hello to all of those who read His Smile"! This is the official Part 2!

Thank you to those who are looking forward to it!♡

Cover Dedication: @Kookiesbear 

^she's such a beautiful human being ;-;

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NessieARMY NessieARMY Feb 15
Im thinking about "oh eh oh i am da eun" justin beiber the one
park_jiminie_bts park_jiminie_bts Oct 30, 2017
Oki, gaeul just reminded me of boys over flowers - Jan di's best friend
Me every time. But I say "politely go to hell" instead.
                              But anyways, Minji is such a savage! 😅😂
kookiesbear kookiesbear Jul 17, 2016
The song is so cute shakfnskfnwk I'm hoping this won't be as angst (although I do love sad stories) SERIOUSLY ALL YOU DO IS WRITE ANGST BUT I'M NOT COMPLAINING I JUST DON'T want my heart to achE ANYMORE AND I'M TOO LAZY TO OUT THOSE WORDS INTO CAPS
Sakoyaaaa Sakoyaaaa Jul 17, 2016
Yay~ Soo happy !!😃😄 Really Amazing,,😉 Cant wait for this book~🙌 I'll be waiting!😊 Thank you so much for this~☺
hendsomehamnida hendsomehamnida Jul 19, 2016
Can u please tell the date when the first chapter will be updated? I cant wait! 😁