The Gifts That Bind (Sequel To Boarding School For Wolves) currently on hold

The Gifts That Bind (Sequel To Boarding School For Wolves) currently on hold

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8o8_iNSANiTY By 8o8_iNSANiTY Updated Oct 29, 2013

Sequel to Boarding School For Wolves...

Growing up as the next in line to be Alpha is bad enough. 
Growing up as the only gifted wolf in a 100 mile radius - if not more - is even worse. 

Kade Nixon, son of Cain and Kaila Nixon never had to worry about being teased or picked on. No, he had to deal with everyone wanting to be his friend for all the wrong reasons. So he knew all to well of the hardships that came with being the next Alpha who could hone different abilities. Kade learned at a very young age how to determine who his real friends were and who weren’t. It hadn’t been all the hard to figure out.

All though things he could deal with, had been dealing with. But, there was something he was hiding from those closest to him. A secret that only he, himself, along with his parents, grandparents and his uncle Isles knew. Because he was gifted his wolf was unable to recognize its mate. That was something he loathed beyond words. 

Come along with me as we follow Kade through the trials of being the next in line to be Alpha and the possibility of never finding his mate. Will he be the odd man out and find the mate that he has been dreaming of finding? Or will he be just another gifted wolf destined to be alone for the rest of his life? Only time will tell.

FabulousFaf FabulousFaf Mar 28, 2017
Holy crap! I didn't know there was a sequel to the amazing book boarding school for werewolves! Now I've found it I'm gonna have no social life for a while.
Jhansis24030693 Jhansis24030693 Apr 09, 2017
this time I will be waiting.  hopefully you will be able to update soon
scardin scardin Dec 28, 2016
Are you ok?  Your abilities to craft a story are wonderful.  I was hoping that you would update soon Hope you are OK  I miss your stories
paint_horses paint_horses Jan 12, 2017
OMG absolutely LOVED the first book! Can't wait to see how this one turns out! <3
kwestwick kwestwick Oct 15, 2015
Please update, the first book was awesome and I want to continue reading. Please update and continue to finish this book
MelindaAllen MelindaAllen Apr 10, 2015
are you going to finish this book or is it on hold it has been over a year with no update. i loved the first book and would really like to see you finish this one