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Claudia By theamazingspiderman Updated Feb 07, 2012


so this is my first time doing this kind of thing,

and i'm still trying to get used to all this so dont be harsh on me;

He stood in front of me. His head was bent down, but I could still see his eyes. They were blue with a hint of green. His hair was dark brown, but so dark, it was almost black. The smile carved on his lips looked as if they held a secret.

I looked around and saw we were alone in a dark alley. The only light near us was a couple steps away from where I was. It was flickering on and off, on and off. I didn't realize how cold it was until I felt goose bumps forming on my arms from the chilly night. My teeth started chattering and I started shivering like crazy. I then realized that even though it is cold in this wet and damp alley, I shouldn't be this cold. Or even shiver or clatter my teeth together as if I were in the northern most part of the North Pole.

Or should I?

Glancing down I saw I was wearing shorts and a thin shirt on. My feet were bare except for ...

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