Bad Boy Marco (Starco Fanfic) [Completed]

Bad Boy Marco (Starco Fanfic) [Completed]

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Starco Enthusiast By marcoz-nachoz Completed

For his fifteenth birthday, Star gifts Marco a single wish. Because Marco is known as the 'safe kid', he wants to be viewed differently and wants to feel what it's like to be the "Bad Boy". The wish is granted, but the new Marco refuses to change back. There only one antidote... It's Stars job to find it.


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atomatic atomatic Jul 31
I have a 
                              BAD FELLING ABOUT THIS 😅 
                              OOPS WRONG EMOJI (lol I got it from bizaardvark )
                              😐JA NICE EMOJI NOW 
                              STILL HAVE A BAD FELLIG
*sees all The Miraculous comments* 
                              Welp, I've noticed most Starco fan's are also Miraculous Fans. 
                              And somehow, starco turned into Marichat...wait...IMAGINE MARCO WEARING LEATHER WHILE SAYING THIS!! 😱
Eriakaar Eriakaar Jul 12
Why arent there a ' ?
                              The word Marcos just seems weird if you don't put the ' . It shoild be "..Marco's.."
atomatic atomatic Jul 30
Not in a mean way but shame at least there was an episode about star telling Marco her fee but I really gata watch de next epi
I've never watched the show and I'm just trying to get into it. Can someone DM and fill me in
miraculous1010 miraculous1010 3 days ago
I have now found my people!! Join me in the Miraculous/SVTFOE Revolution!!