Girlfriend? # Jungkook x Reader | completed

Girlfriend? # Jungkook x Reader | completed

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Hiatus??? By -prettytae Completed

Somewhat based on real life! A little bit, maybe more. ^^
Most of the first chapters is based on what happened in real life, for me! When I was in school! Heh!

Jungkook - Jungkook
Alex - the boy in real Life. 
Y/N - You!

I got a mail. 

It stood:
To - 
Park Y/N

You've got a job in BIGHIT Entertainment. As a stylist and makeup artist. 

Hope you will attend this job! 

From - 
BIGHIT Entertainment 
I will attend this job. I will work as a stylist and a makeup artist. It's my dream job. 
Starting day: 29 July 2016
Completed: 30 August 2016

AFIrene-- AFIrene-- Nov 05
Not trying to be rude and all-- But what is your first language?
pumpermuse pumpermuse Nov 27
In reality i either star laughing and ask if they r blind
                              I have an anxiety attack
pumpermuse pumpermuse Nov 27
*starts laughing uncontrollably* Ha that's the funniest i have ever heard
XD i noticed that every time i have an encounter with jungkook or baekyun. MIA comes out of the blue
pumpermuse pumpermuse Nov 27
In reality the anxiety would be to real fir me to talk to him