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He Needs Love (Jason Voorhees Fanfic)

He Needs Love (Jason Voorhees Fanfic)

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Little Kitten By CutieDandere Updated Nov 06, 2016

As a child, you were treated unfairly with people hurting your feelings, self-esteem and your being and you always wondered if there was something wrong with you. The truth is, there isn't anything wrong with you. People are jerks. You go to Camp Crystal Lake as a little school field trip. You hear that there are children and counselors going missing. Then you find out the one that's causing the absences which is Jason Voorhees. You meet the giant and managed to make him feel welcomed. You both start to develop feelings for each other.

I'm back with a Jason Voorhees X reader story this time. No more decisions, no more problems and confusion, just some fan service. I don't own Jason. Enjoy!

Elise_EnderDragon Elise_EnderDragon 6 days ago
I use to have even and odd school days. But now its white and blue days which is so confusing
Frozenclient7 Frozenclient7 Dec 24, 2016
You know what I would told those parents is WHY THE F*** DID YOU UP YOUR LEGS IF YOU DIDN'T WANT ME!?!?
Frozenclient7 Frozenclient7 Dec 24, 2016
Wait wait hold the duck up.Whendid she even go on this field trip? she's dumber than a duck xD