The Dragon Lorde

The Dragon Lorde

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"Yes, I am!!!"
Kaede leans down to her ear his hot breath tickling her cheek in a tantalizing way, as swooping butterflies made way to her stomach. "I see. But that doesn't change the fact that you're a idiotic female, who will only serve as a distraction."

The fluttering butterflies froze in her stomach and spiraled into icy icicles, as fury wraped tightly around her mind. "Indeed, I am a girl. But I'm also an idiotic girl who will follow you anyway. Even if her insufferable bodyguard says no." Emoriah, whispers threateningly.

Kaede's dark penetrating gaze burns Emoriah to her core, as he peers down on her frame with a hardened expression upon his face. "You're playing a losing game Emoriah. But very well come. It seems I have no other choice."

Emoriah smiles behind her hand before lifting her eyes to meet his stormy gaze. "No, you really don't."
Emoriah isn't just an average 15-year-old girl. She grew up bullied without a fatherly figure. But what made her different was the day she burned her school down. That's when the numerous secrets spilled their way from her mother's lips. Emoriah learned she wasn't as human as she thought. That her father never left them but went missing. But most importantly he was a king. A king of another world. A world of dragons, creatures, and demons from hell. 

With her feminist views and fiery spirit she'll let no man stand in her way.

But could one icy mask of a boy change her mind?

Well, that's for you to find out.
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