Poltergeist [Yandere x Reader]

Poltergeist [Yandere x Reader]

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нαℓf α нεαят By zaynflashback Updated Jun 25, 2017

The newly wed couple, [Name] [L/N] and her husband, [H/N] [L/N], decided to spend their two weeks honeymoon in [H/N]'s family vacation house in which had been deserted since his father died. However, the couple had decided that this was the worst mistake they've ever agreed on. Probably the last.

Why, you may ask?

Because the guy with the mask outside their window didn't seem happy with their arrival. 

With a horror and unimaginable stuff happening to the couple, the story took another twist when the killer decided that he wanted [Name] all to himself.

  • crazy
  • guy
  • horror
  • husband
  • killer
  • love
  • man
  • masked
  • murderer
  • quotev
  • reader
  • wife
  • yandere
Piepiecopter Piepiecopter Apr 15, 2017
Your name shall be Gihei.... because I love u and ur gonna die soon.... ;-;
- - Apr 08, 2017
Why did you have to make him so damn hotttttt now I'm gonna be sad when he dies ;-;
Dabi-The-CatOverlord Dabi-The-CatOverlord Apr 06, 2017
Ok so this guy is gonna die so I won't name him Juuzou or Uta
                              He shall be hide
putaemin putaemin Mar 16, 2017
Why does he look like Kagami Taiga from Kuroko Basketball [ Kuroko no Basuke ]
crazycandycassandra crazycandycassandra Mar 27, 2017
I like really sweet guys.. who have a crazed, yandere side to them
Aya_Winchester Aya_Winchester Feb 26, 2017
My last name will come in use!
                              My husbands name will be DEAN!