Only On Sundays

Only On Sundays

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"Beautiful. Isn't it?" Father Chris said as he sat on the end of the pew I was laying on.  I had been there since morning mass, having an existential crisis as I studied the beautifully painted ceiling.

"Yes you are."  I joked as I sat up and wiped the tears from my cheeks.  I slumped into Father's side, to which he rested one of his rather large hands on my knee.  This pushed the edge of my pencil skirt up slightly, but neither of us thought twice about it.  He was more hands-on than the average priest, hugging people and kissing their heads after blessing them.

"What have you been thinking about?" He asked as he rested his head on top of mine.  I kicked my stilettos around as they laid at my feet.

"Too much." I responded with a sniffle.  I felt Father move to get something out of his pocket before he held it out for me to see.  Between his tattooed fingers was a ripped piece of paper with my name and number on it, the type of business card I left behind after some of my hook ups.  

"I can help you get it off your mind for a while." He offered as his hand slid up my thigh more.  I lifted my head from his shoulder as I stared at him in shock for a moment.  He raised his drawn on eyebrows at me, waiting for my response.

"You're a priest." I pointed out.  He shrugged his shoulders and stood up, offering a hand to me.  I slipped my shoes on before taking it.  He helped me up before moving his other hand to my waist.  

"Only on Sundays." Father said with a smirk as he guided me closer to him.  I felt safe in his arms, but also intrigued to his offer.  I nodded and allowed him to escort me out of the church.

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