His Favorite Toy

His Favorite Toy

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Apothic By Apothic23 Updated Aug 29

Warning: This is a dark erotic novel. Mature content, 18+

As kids, Aurora Fowler was always being picked on by her older brother's best friend, Theo Stone. He laughs when she cries or screams at him. He doesn't just pick on her, he's known around school as a bully. She just seems to be his favorite for some reason.

By the time Theo is in high school, he drops bullying for full on fight. Any little thing he can fight for, he does. During one fight, Aurora begs him to stop. He says he will if she agrees to be his. She does, but that day he is expelled from school and sent to live with his dad in another state.

Eight years later, he moves back. And he wants what's his.

ew the second picture looks like a rat died and became his hair
lelu_22 lelu_22 Nov 23
Only white and has facial features and.... I have the same hair 😂😂
He isn't that good looking to me but whatever I can imagine him as some else😑
Alyna_elly Alyna_elly Oct 17
Why did you changed the hero the first on was more good looking
missy-cat missy-cat Nov 21
Well I think people would've found her prettier if her hair was different. . .maybe
Apothic23 Apothic23 Oct 15
@WeirdoLaughs Brothers and sisters can have a huge gap in height while still having the same father... Short mom, tall dad - male receives tall genes while female receives short genes.