His Favorite Toy

His Favorite Toy

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ApothicRomance By Apothic23 Updated Mar 01

Warning: This is a dark erotic romance novel. This is not a sweet romance. Mature content, strong language, abuse, and violence;  you have been warned!

For 10 long years, Aurora is picked on by her older brother's best friend, Theo. No matter what she said or did, he loved to tease her. During her Junior year, he picks a fight with someone and she begs him to stop. He says he will on one condition. She has to be his. 

Theo gets expelled and moves states, freeing Aurora from their agreement. Eight years later, he's back. And he wants what's his.

Okay, people, just read about her character. I don't hate her because if the picture, but she gets a little bit mean...
Yuki1726 Yuki1726 Jul 02
Just found out aurora does i like her more  this girl now below her
AyazawaKhan AyazawaKhan 6 days ago
If my brother said that if make his life a living hell 
                              But I know he'd do something about it if someone snapped my bra
I wish they could show colour. Seeing the eye colour of a person adds so much more to the character and I feel as if her eyes would be amazing
QtPie321 QtPie321 Aug 04
Dang, you couldn't take the girl out to dinner first or at least apologize for everything you did?😐 that's not how it works but ok
                              okay dont worry guys I'm done now😶😶