The Guy Who Called Me An A-class Bitch

The Guy Who Called Me An A-class Bitch

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Two Worlds Collide By Shreya_The_Best_1602 Updated 4 days ago

"Well, because she's an A-class bitch." He replied, casually, like calling random girls a bitch was nothing too unusual.

Cass gasped. "How can you say that? Do you have any idea what she does to guys who call her a bitch, wait no, didn't you also do that to the guy who called you ugly?"

"Well, in the restaurant she was screaming at the both of us actually, thereby creating a scene, which doesn't exactly give a good person vibe off her. And the answer to your second question will be: I'd like to see her try." He explained, looking at me with a look of pure disgust.

"Shut up." I yelled, loud enough for him to hear. Who did this guy think he was? I paid for his, Okay, their fucking dinner at eleven P.M. The least he could do was be polite to me or just shut up entirely. 

"And if I choose not to?" He questioned, looking amused. 

He's as good as dead then.


Jessica Walkers was just your everyday counsellor, nothing out of the blue. Her past...let's just not go into that. Her present, now that we can talk about. She had decided to live as a bachelorette for the rest of her useless life. But is it that simple when your old crush comes back and also when you've kissed your best friend's boyfriend, accidentally of course? 

I don't think so. 

It wasn't simple. 
She had to deal with the guy who called her an A class bitch. 
Without falling for his charm.

NOTE: The word 'cause' which is supposed to be written as 'cause is spelled as cause' throughout the story. I'll try changing it.

Love it so far, the long message was not regarding you but your character, your doing superb
Um it's not anger, it's a distraction. And sometimes a release. Some people feel when their blood is spilled it's like taking a breath after having held it for a long time
Well its probably because people end up really sad sometimes
Pretty much, yep, that's a lot of what Karma is. You made a rather messed up opinion regarding something you don't know and then you started slitting your wrists, Payback is a bitch
The chapter just took an unexpected turn...... cool that.. keep going :-)
This is the world that we live in peeps are gonna get hurt 😭