Sex,Drugs And Love

Sex,Drugs And Love

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.Everlark Is Life. By ImJoshifertrash Completed

Katniss and Peeta have been bestfriends since they where 5yrs. They started developing feelings for eachother. In 7th grade peeta got the guts to ask her out on new years(so sweet) and she said yes.

In 9th grade peeta lost his mother and 2 brothers in a plane crash. Peeta started doing drugs in Highschool. Katniss still stayed with him through all of that. 

Peeta got really possessive over katniss In 11th grade and started hitting her and punched any guy who looked or touched her. Katniss still stayed with him. She keeps asking herself WHY! She soon realized it's because she cannot live without him. That is was to late.She had already fallen in love with The Badboy.

Now they are in 12th grade. Join Katniss on her 'Journey' with a abusive and possessive peeta. Will peeta ever change? Or will he stay the same? How will katniss live through this? Will she ever be able to change peeta?

(This book is really smutty!!)

(Update: October 27, 2016. I just reviewed the first chapter.....cringe level on 1,000)

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Peeta_Buns Peeta_Buns Jul 18
(Btw your story is pure gold! I love it so much😍✨😍 I can't wait for more updates!!)