The Potter Triplets- A Harry Potter, Percy Jackson And Supernatural Story

The Potter Triplets- A Harry Potter, Percy Jackson And Supernatural Story

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Julie Squish By The_Squish Updated Sep 25, 2016

Random idea that popped into my head.

What if Harry Potter wasn't an only child the night his parents died by the hands of Voldemort... instead he was a triplet. 

Dumbledore sent Harry's brother and sister away in hope to break the mental connection between the three of them, but that fails when Teagan's family moves across the street from Percy's family. 

Disclaimer: I do not own any characters besides Teagan, the rest of the characters either belong to J.K. Rowling, Rick Rordain, or the CW. I also own the story itself but that's it. All the images in this story don't belong to me credit goes to the owners (if I do post one of my own pictures I'll let you know.)

 This story is a crossover between Percy Jackson, Supernatural and Harry Potter.

kiwiblast kiwiblast Jun 18
Whaa fine. Please make this all be backed seamlessly by an amazing plot.
Wait Dad??? Plot twist it's actually Poseidon... as James  that is idk
i love this already i just reset my password and im obsessivelyy fangirling
kiwiblast kiwiblast Jun 18
Bright green. Jade green. Leaf green. 
                              And Percy's are sea green. 
                              None of them are emerald. 
                              Or chocolate. Or sapphire. Or sky. Come up with new adjectives please. Sorry this is just a thing for me. At least you didn't call them orbs.
627526ks 627526ks Sep 12
Srsly of all the great families u chose the one that raises u to fight monsters and to get urself killed at any given point in time