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Guess We're Stuck With Each Other - Sirius x Hermione

Guess We're Stuck With Each Other - Sirius x Hermione

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destielxsmestiel By destielxsmestiel Updated Apr 03

The Ministry's new laws to repopulate the Wizarding World mean marriage is a necessity. But Hermione doesn't want Ron. 
Reorganising her life, she makes some unusual friends in some unusual places. 
With a completely spontaneous marriage, Hermione Granger and Sirius Black try to make it work. After all, they're only the most opposite people in the world.
(All hail the mighty JK who owns all characters)

KyahJaneLeanne KyahJaneLeanne Oct 18, 2016
ONG, ITS A SIRMIOME STORY!!!  I SHIP THEM SO HARD!!! I cant read this tonight because its 1am, but i promise i will read as soon as i can. It might be a few day, i dont have much reading time when my dads off work.
EleanorHardie EleanorHardie Aug 14, 2016
What a arse!!! But at the same time she did seem to push him away I doubt Sirius will allow the same treatment to continue towards him.
theashwinder theashwinder Jul 31, 2016
I LOVE your description of the Burrow. And you write Hermione and Ron's dialouge really well too. Teeny tiny question: I don't understand Molly's last comment "Butterbeer is on me." They are at the Burrow so is she serving them butterbeer?