The It Clique

The It Clique

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Jade By sarcasticprincess Updated Dec 04, 2011

6 girls.1 clique.
Welcome to the world of perfect "it" girls-where revenge is not wrong, but a neccessity, where being loaded and gorgeous doesn't pull you the top-only bringing you to an average. Where naive airheaded supermodels lookalike turn out to be NOT so sweet and innocent. And that's just the beginning, because on the social ladder, its either destroy....or be destroyed.

What happens when newcomer Posh Warren comes and threaten to pull all of them down? Will she be the new IT girl or will she taste failure and regret before she even tries? 

What happens when a murder occurs? To someone whom no-one ever imagined? What happens if the MURDERER is someone even MORE un-imaginable? 

 Because everyone's hiding a secret behind their own silk curtains-the only difference is how well they are able to continue hiding it-and when they will choose to reveal it.

The worlds of the it clique- hidden behind silk covers. Because absolutely nothing is as perfect as it seems.