Let's Play a Game [Editing]

Let's Play a Game [Editing]

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**Please forgive my mistakes and crappy-ness. I am under-going editing... It may take a while. Thank you for reading and making it hit over two MILLION reads omfg :'D ^_^ BUT IT IS GETTING EDITED...SLOWLY....SO PLEASE IGNORE MISTAKES AND STUPIDITY :)))**

❝I hear you're a player... So lets play a game.

Let's sweet talk. Let's play fight, let's talk 24/7.

Let's tell each other good morning and good night every day, let's take walks together, let's give each other nicknames. Let's hang out with each others' friends, let's go on dates. Let's talk on the phone all night long, let's hold each other... And kiss and hug each other.

And whoever falls in love first?


On my....*whispers to self* "how many times have I read this now?" *Shrugs*.....I love your books!
Zisi1234 Zisi1234 Mar 09
What can I say? Math books have a lot of problems in their heart, that's why their so heavy.
                              This is a horrible pun. Don't use it.
sorry but todd kinda ruined it. as well as the overall complexity of the name.
I've done this before.....with my sadistic BFF .....I won but.....after 3 days I fell in love...and now he's my BF......(dammit)
I'll just imagine him wearing trackpants or sweatpants or joggers.
GerardUrine GerardUrine Mar 02
Okay I have Two for Gravity
                              Gravity Falls
                              GRAVITY DON'T MEAN TOO MUCH TO ME (God I love that song)