The Badboy's Innocent #Wattys2016

The Badboy's Innocent #Wattys2016

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Meet Amia Evans
Also known as 'Mia' the sweetheart of hallster highschool.
A 5yr old trapped in the body of a 17yr old teenage girl.
She is what you can call a geek but not by looks.
Loves star wars and is probably the sweetest person anyone has ever met. Not to mention childish too!!

Then meet Nicholas Adams.
Also knows as 'Nick' and is the BADBOY of hallster highschool.
He isn't just a Badboy because he has the looks or because plays with girls.
But it's because there are rumors that he is involved in mafia gangs and is apparently very dangerous.

When our sweet little mia becomes a damsel in distress nick becomes her night in shining armor and protects her.
Little did they know that one meeting could change their lives forever.

Join the hilly journey of nick as he finds his ray of light that lightens up his life in the form of a girl...

I always hear how small that is but in my school 5.2 is more than common
The first thing I said when I saw the image " Ah Victoria ;)"
anosha2627 anosha2627 Nov 19
Omg😂😂😂😂 I am laughing so hard😂 Harry Potter😂😂😂
Interesting what's gonna happen. Hmm lets predict to see if i am right..😂😂😂