Welcome to the official grand opening of   THE DUNGEON……
    Luscious Lucia has signed on to be the woman to satisfy 2 twin hunky brothers. Will she have what it takes to submit to everything they ask for?
    What exactly will they ask for?????
    Dirty Boy has been working hard on training Angelicious to be a good slave. Will she have what it takes to be his forever?
    Join us as we follow our couples and then, as a treat get a glimpse of all the Fantasies that get fulfilled in ….
rule one about the dungen dont talk about the dungen rule two about the dungen DONT TALK ABOUT THE DUNGEN. i am not 18 but i have probly read worse
I really like reading your stories but i  cannot open the link or find thedungeonmistress.
how does it come that I still can't see chapter 3 and 4??? It's really annoying!!
                                    i love all of your books!!!
                                    you should put a house fucking scene......
                                    just a suggestion!!
lol i like how u did this as the beginning loved it its so interesting PLEASE CONTINUE AND SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON............
oh this is were all the magic happens and were all ur fantasies come true