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Feel the beat: A miraculous ladybug AU

Feel the beat: A miraculous ladybug AU

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Ladyblog By Lady_blog Updated 2 hours ago

The Hawkmoth arts academy is not only the most prestigious academy in all Paris, but it's exclusive for dancers. There, you can practice whatever type dance you want, Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop... Except for one, Break dance. No one knows why, but it's just strictly forbidden . If the head master, Gabriel Agreste, discovers someone dancing it, or even practicing it, the student will be expelled.
That's why every night at school a secret club opens its doors to break dance.
The Club Miraculous.


This is not the world we all know. Plagg and Tikki aren't kwamis, they are just another pair of students in the academy. Then, if they aren't kwamis, there should be no Ladybug and Chat Noir, right? 
By day, those two names are not mentioned, they are nothing more than a legend.
But by night, everything can happen. 
Chat Noir is a painted-masked boy that dances break dance. No one ever beats him, well , until the arrival of a bluenette girl, Ladybug.


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Kanada138 Kanada138 Nov 05, 2016
Marinette means "the one who rises". So her full name means "the one who rises to make bread" Cause cheng means "to make" and dupain is something to do with bread.
Fjewkhey Fjewkhey Oct 30, 2016
Odette from Swan Lake, Marinette from MLB and Bridgette from some Miraculous Ladybug AUs
KittylinaChan KittylinaChan Dec 10, 2016
Cheesecake is best ship, closely followed by the llam square. Then DJWifi, Mylivan, Alim, Nathanealila, RoseAli. Though if I think about it Chloe might be a top one too, get it? JUST PLAIN OLD CHLOE AND HERSELF! *cackles*
KittylinaChan KittylinaChan Dec 10, 2016
Bridgette is Marinette's original name when they first came up with the Idea for the show, same with Felix for Adrien.
Fjewkhey Fjewkhey Oct 30, 2016
Chloe from MLB, Cleo from Monster High and Zoey from..... uhh I don't know
pirizarry pirizarry Aug 11, 2016
Oh I'm going to cry! (DRAMA QUEEN) This ship names are so awesome! Please keep going this story is too good to stop here!