Deep Waters... (Chris Brown fan fiction)

Deep Waters... (Chris Brown fan fiction)

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Xoxo-Renee-xoxo By xoxo-renee-xoxo Updated Feb 18, 2017

She lurks in the sea awaiting her prey.
In the sea the deep dark depths of it , is where she lays
Her beauty and her song is what attracts men at bay
She lures and seduces until they come her way

She lures them out until they're near
Her song is the last sound those men hear


Chris brown , a young man , who was sitting at the docks by the ocean. He was with a couple of friends and they all decided to go for a swim. He jumped in the water , swimming with his friends, they were laughing , splashing water at each other,  and just having a great time.  When Chris drifts off away from his friends when he notices some splashing around the rocks. Rocks that were far out in the ocean. He was curious to what might be over there , especially since no one goes out that far, and the fact that Chris and his friends were the only ones who came to these parts of the ocean. That part of the ocean is blocked off because of the rocks. But Chris and his friends aren't afraid of the rocks, they go there all the time, they like the fact that it's empty . Chris decides to go swim to the rocks . He swam and swam. He grabbed on to the rock . The splashing stopped . He looked on top of the rock . There was a woman sitting on top of it, she was beautiful. His mouth dropped at how beautiful she was. She looked like a goddess. She had beautiful brown hair, tan brownish skin, and big brown eyes. He looked at her. They locked eyes. She started to sing.  "Another victim" she thought .

Okay guys this is my first supernatural myth themed book and I'm really bad at descriptive summaries but try to look past that thxxx

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fetishxm fetishxm Feb 18
She’s not a mermaid she’s the other ones i forgot the name😩