Lumious High ~Amourshipping~

Lumious High ~Amourshipping~

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Joel By Blaze_Dave Updated Jan 10, 2017

Ash Ketchum is a 14 year old teen about to make his first step into Lumiose High School, the only bad thing is, it's a new school.

 However with all this talk about a new kid about to attend Lumiose High will Ash Ketchum fit in it, or will everyone pretend he doesn't exist. However he does capture the attention of one girl from the start Serena Yvonne.

Serena Yvonne is an ordinary girl who's is about to get the ride of a lifetime while developing feelings about this new kid. She has never felt this way about any guy before. The only question is will Ash notice her feelings.
DISCLAIMER - I do not own Pokemon or any of the characters.

However the plot and storyline are mine.

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hqxbnha hqxbnha Jun 16, 2017
RIP Ketchup. 2017-2017 Died from a Pikachu stealing the bottle from the kitchen.
XxThe_Big_BossxX XxThe_Big_BossxX Apr 30, 2017
I think Ash is dense on purpose to both make us laugh and him laugh
h1ghqual1tytrash h1ghqual1tytrash Apr 26, 2017
Hi, I'm Marinette! 
                              Just a normal girl, with a normal life
                              But there's something about me, that no one knows yet 
                              Cause I have a secret 
                              SIMPLY THE BEST
                              UP TO THE TEST WHEN THINGS GO WRONG 
                              THE LUCKIEST 
                              THE POWER OF LOVE ALWAYS SO STRONG 
XxKawaii_PikachuxX XxKawaii_PikachuxX Nov 23, 2016
i hope Serena gets to meet him in the next chapter. In my story, they don't meet until the fifth or sixth chapter I think.