Crave  Grayson Dolan

Crave Grayson Dolan

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story between a shy girl and her crush since 5th grade

blossom247 blossom247 Aug 11
This reminds me when Grayson and Eathn was doing a vine Ethan hit Grayson in the face with a shoe  😂😂😂
bemyvapor bemyvapor Oct 22
I'm weak 
                              A 10 year old boy who discovered porn wet tits to be more exacted 
                              IM DEAD
bemyvapor bemyvapor Oct 22
Omg when I read that I thought of That's So Raven and Liza omg
Yall call it kidnap I call it getting to know each other 😂😂-if I ever kidnap Grayson
you're sophomores in high school and just learning square roots? I learned those in like 7th grade
I ask that question every Tuesday when I watch their videos......knowing you didn't need to know that but I am just being #TBH anyway 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🙄😳😫💕💕💕💕