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Millions of Moments- Dan Howell X reader

Millions of Moments- Dan Howell X reader

40.2K Reads 2.9K Votes 65 Part Story
Iwannabedil By TheKillersphan28 Completed

After being forced into a relationship, you and Dan Howell have to convince the world that you two are madly in love. Will real feelings get in the way?

What happend was never supposed to happen. It was supposed to end after a short period of time. Then why didn't it? It kept coming back to you. He kept coming back to you.  You awakened when he was near and when into hibernation when he was gone. As you looked at him then, you couldn't have known what would transpire, how many moments would have been shared with him.

TRIGGER WARNING: May contain course language.
HIGHEST RANKING : #547 in fanfiction.

Currently editing- just minor spelling and grammar mistakes.

*sees Zoe Snugg*
                              *spits all over screen, dying of laughter*
sunburnthowell sunburnthowell Sep 28, 2016
Haha the whole phandom will most likely be socially awkward 😂
MariaTSep MariaTSep Nov 16, 2016
I am part of the Phandom yet not for long so let's see what happens to me in a little time
HiddinInTheShadows HiddinInTheShadows Sep 24, 2016
Don't you mean phangirl*drums*
                              *silence*.....ok i'll go 😞
josiebananas8 josiebananas8 Oct 11, 2016
I am a part of the Phandom and not socially awkward... I'm really proud of myself. Although I am slightly awkward in front of adults.
goldengays- goldengays- Feb 16
I'm awkward as hell but I'm not shy unless im being introduced to someone new