Yandere! Michael Myers X Reader

Yandere! Michael Myers X Reader

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ERROR! ERROR! By Mettaton_And_Tacos Updated Oct 04


You was walking home one late night from your friend Rachel's house. 
What you didn't know was that someone saw you... and he decided you was his and his only.
You noticed things in your house being moved, and you started to feel uneasy....

Is this man who's stalking you Michael?

Love the story but I just got one question not story personally just yanderes general isn't a killer already a yandere or no I never heard of a yandere that is y I ask mat u please explain it for me please
Oh ok thank u @brandylynnreece2001 for explaining it to me I thought a killer was already a yandere great story by the way
I read the end, and I have to say that I've never met someone so much like me on this app.
Toby if you marry I can't even say that name! I will personally divorce you two! XD
Nope , Andys mine . I'm his yandere , Even though I've never met him .
@CutieDandere  I will probably have another chapter up either tonight or tomorrow :)