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Hey Kitten (bxb)

Hey Kitten (bxb)

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Mochiii By BrumosoAmor Updated Jun 23

Galaxy Jones or Axy jones has been homeschooled for as long as he can remember really. Axy's Italian family is very overprotective of him. 
    He's their little gift cause Axy is a neko. And nekos are very rare and valuable. 
    Axy is very small for his age and quite innocent too. His sister like dressing him in cute girly outfits so he's grown use to wearing girl clothe. He has the body and face.
     Axy is tired tho he's tired of being kept hidden in his room, he's tired of being homeschooled, he's tired of being indoors all day. He just want to go outside like a normal person. Like his sissy. 
    Diesel Miller shows no one mercy. He is the alpha of the greatest pack in all of Canada. DarkMoon Pack. If you mess with him he won't hesitate to hurt you. He has a great huge family. Two dads, one who he calls mom. Two sisters a twin and younger. Four brothers two older and two younger. his mom's got more on the way. He's the 'bad boy' of the school. He could honestly care less about rules and what not. He has two best friends since diaper days. His beta and third in command. His two buddy and family are the only ones who hes  shows emotion to.

It's so uncomfortable to hear him call his sister sissy. 😂
veronicah_30 veronicah_30 a day ago
lol Miele 😂, well I don't know if its cause of google translate, but if you'll ever see this comment the right version is "tesoro rallenta e ripetilo" hope I've been of help :P
EreriPsycho EreriPsycho Jun 12
I'm so totally not gonna try to print these and hang these in my room😻🙀
flourel flourel Feb 21
Lol, how do you expect me to see this as an 18 year old when this man is obviously in like his 30s