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My Irish Neko~ {A Septiplier Story}

My Irish Neko~ {A Septiplier Story}

16.1K Reads 425 Votes 3 Part Story
XxseptipliertrashxX By XxseptipliertrashxX Updated Jul 18, 2016

Mark hears a strange noise outside and finds a MAN!?

AngelKitty256 AngelKitty256 Dec 03, 2016
Why did I imagine he put his fist up and shook it and yelled "RACCOOOOOONNNSSSS!!!!!!"
wheres_the_bleach_ wheres_the_bleach_ Dec 18, 2016
Me: *sees naked man outside*
                              Me: lol am I high
                              Naked guy: Master?
                              Me: lit
derlionslephs2nytes derlionslephs2nytes Dec 20, 2016
Me : wtf its 4 in the morning
                              Naked Neko : Mastur? :3
                              Me : ...
                              Naked Neko : ?
                              Me : Mine
spreekachu spreekachu Oct 09, 2016
you find a random guy in your trash, so you bring him inside
Okay you might not believe this, but I wrote this story then I broke my phone soooo I might re-write this story and update it.
_hamartithia_ _hamartithia_ Sep 25, 2016
If I saw a naked man in my garbage with cat ears and a tail I'd strip and join him 😹 #cantstopwontstopbeingaNeko!