Rejected 2 (boyxboy)

Rejected 2 (boyxboy)

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Every time someone falls in love a new diamond heart appears, so keep falling in love. By MeandDiamond Completed

Book II
Read Rejected to understand this one.

Twin brothers Marcus And Antonio find their mate in someone who is already married and has a child.
And at other place someone's return has caused havoc in werewolf realm.
With Kyle and Matthew both intent on winning their lost love a lot of secrets unfold with a legacy that no one ever thought of.
Read to continue the Journey of Andrew in
"Rejected: 2"

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GrlGone_AWOL GrlGone_AWOL Mar 29, 2017
Mielium Mielium Oct 18, 2017
Im a student ._. But whatever. Dont really care. As long as i can read stuff ._.
kassandraalpizar kassandraalpizar Mar 29, 2017
WHY DID ANDREW HAD TO DIE!?!?!?!? *cries in a corner* WHY ANDREW COME BACK!!!!!!!ANDREW!!!!!!!u son of a b!get back here!!!andrew!!!
lancehaasbarrington lancehaasbarrington Oct 08, 2017
Why be so angry and foul. I like your stories and always vote for you. If you really don't care what others think then why so much anger? Let your writing speak for itself. A little class wouldn't hurt you either.
roseprincess190 roseprincess190 Mar 04, 2017
Wait so this is like 25 years later dose that mean Kyle and Andrew are like dead but what about Matthew I wonder if like he is still alive or if he might have killer himself
HyperMal HyperMal Jan 24, 2017
Okay. First thing; you have attitude and I 😍 LOVE IT. You remind me of Brittnay Matthews.