Glass Hearts

Glass Hearts

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Nalu center!!!! By TheNaluCenter Completed

Lucy was born with the ability to see what's in people's hearts, every emotion. Love, hate, sadness, anger, jealousy, sometimes even their past.

She can even see what's in her parent's hearts. Lucy could see love in her mom's heart, but not with her father. 
Not after her mother's death. It's not like her father abused her, he just hated seeing her. And since he felt that way, she left. Ever since then Lucy has hated this ability. 

It never crossed Lucy's mind to tell anyone about this ability Lucy has. So she never told anyone because she was afraid people would hate her for looking into people's privacy. She would just keep it a secret.

Now Lucy has joined a junior high all on her own, how will it go for Lucy and her ability to look inside people's heart like glass?

bbyjenna bbyjenna Sep 21, 2016
I SWERE to Jesus if the boy was IS Natsu I'm going to lose my mind
BlondePheonix BlondePheonix Dec 13, 2016
Nvr heard the song b4 though... how does it sound like? I'm too lazy to check.
trashy_cans trashy_cans Sep 12, 2016
YASS BOIIIIII!!! Even though that's not my favorite song by them ITS STILL GOOD!!
NabilaYoworldian NabilaYoworldian Jul 25, 2016
😭😭😭😭wuahhhg so sad !! where are u natsu ??? help lucy !!!
MrSprinkles1142 MrSprinkles1142 Sep 04, 2016
Oh my i can actually are Natsu wearing this he looks so hot in it >//////<
FabulousZoey FabulousZoey Jul 21, 2016
Sad if I were like that.....I don't know what id do cuz im  father is never ever around and my mother is always... at least Im not one of those teens who don't care for there mother... (no offence)  I luv my mom with every ounce of my heart