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Accidental Marriage [ManxBoy]

Accidental Marriage [ManxBoy]

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NS_silverlining By NS_silverlining Completed

Peter J. Edsburke is a 20 years old boy who studied law in a college at California. He pursued a normal and wonderful teenage life, with his best friend Heather Wright, who always stood by him through thick and thin. 
But, in just one day all of his normal life had been taken away from him, due to a chaos caused by his own brother Adam J. Edsburke. 
Adam had turned Peter life upside down when he ran off on the day of his wedding to the second son of Abberheath, one of the well-known family in California. He is the prince charming, Sean Abberheath. 
Because of his brother selfless attitude, Peter had become Adam's substitute and was married to Sean Abberheath, even though he is a straight man who only loves girls.
Why his brother did ran away on the day of his wedding? What's make Peter agree to become his brother substitute? How did Peter handle this situation? What happen after the wedding? Do Peter and Sean can lead a happy life together as husband and husband as they vow on the altar?

dhanush99 dhanush99 Mar 23
True. I have seen so many people telling that they r on their way
Can I ask some picture of them in every Chapters so the readers would know how do they look like... Just saying *wink*
PellyBee PellyBee Jul 11
"Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi you're my only hope" Immediately thought of that
Yeah but... I think Sean will be a heartbroken man if he found out. Anyways... Is Adam and Peter are Twins... Brb. Going to read the declaimers
So here I am to read another story... While waiting for the updates of my favorite books soooooooo *TAPS* *TAPS button crashed* sorry
Techno626 Techno626 Aug 24, 2016
Won't Sean still be disappointed having to marry the substitute brother Pete..  I wonder what Sean is going to think about this decision...