Daddy's Princess | Incest |

Daddy's Princess | Incest |

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Bizzles Princess By Cuminmebieber Updated Oct 09, 2017

They both knew it was wrong, it was illegal and was also a major sin in the book but even that didn't stop them from showing their feelings for each other. Love is unlimited even if it is a father loving his own daughter. 

"Always trust daddy above all"

*Warning: heavy sexual content* 

Don't read this book if you feel uncomfortable or weirded out. Keep your hate out of my book and either enjoy it or leave, simple as that. And no this is NOT a DDLG.

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DaineBourque DaineBourque Oct 15, 2017
My cousin was 15 and had a child. Lmao. Her bf was 18. Why? I have no clue. Like shes literally 16 this year. My family is messed up istg.
ralowe ralowe Sep 29, 2017
Lmfao lol this is something that actually reminds me of him in real life
petite98 petite98 Mar 28
His a softie for lily,  😍😍😍😘😘😘😘
                              Awwww that's sweet.
petite98 petite98 Mar 28
So that's why he couldn't even leave lily and have a girlfriend because his wife just died..    That's reasonable.
petite98 petite98 Mar 28
I would like to have a guy like that, who doesn't freak out when his girl has periods...
panicatthediscofan12 panicatthediscofan12 Dec 13, 2017
Why is this idiot ENTIRELY oblivious I didn't really know what it was too but I knew some stuff from school.