Black Widow's Lost Child (First of the Lost Child series)

Black Widow's Lost Child (First of the Lost Child series)

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Geek Out By adventures_anytime Updated Dec 04, 2016

A/n: There might be some swearing.

While Natasha Romanoff, also known as the Black Widow, was in the Red Room, they experimented on her. They wanted to make an improved version of the Black Widow. So they made her have a child. After Natasha delivered the baby, they took it away, they took her beautiful baby girl away. They told her to forget about the baby and focus on her missions, after all she was a assassin. But Natasha never forgot about her baby girl she so desires to meet.

   Vera was the greatest trained assassin, well next to the Black Widow of course. Vera was called the Huntsman, for some reason the Red Room likes spiders a lot... Vera never knew her parents, she was told her father died before she was born and her mother died giving birth. Oh how wrong she was. If only she knew that her mother was very much alive and was one of 'Earth's Mightiest Heroes'.

Dark_Lillith Dark_Lillith Dec 06, 2016
Isn't huntsman actually a male hunter? She is a girl so she is huntress....