Hot, lesbian, pokephiliac, porn.

Hot, lesbian, pokephiliac, porn.

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Pokephiliac123 By Pokephiliac123 Updated Sep 23, 2013

"Welcome to the pokemon laboratory. How can I help you?" The woman at the front desk asked.

"Uhh... I'm here for my first pokemon..." I replied.

I may be eighteen, but I'm always too late to get my first pokemon. Which is quite a disappointment...

She gives me the directions to professor junipers lab, and I get there with no faults.

I enter the room, to see juniper giving away an oshawatt.

I smile, as there is still two pokeballs there.

I walk up to her and beam, "I am finally on time! After eight years..."

She laughs, "Well, you're in luck this time, because we have two pokemon left! A fire type, and a grass type!"

She picks both of the pokeballs up, and throws them in the air, "Come on out!"

A little orange and black pokemon pops out of the first one, and a little green pokemon pops out of the second one.

I grab my pokedex, and scan them both.

' Tepig, the Fire Pig Pokémon. It can deftly dodge its foe's attacks while shooting fireballs from its nose. It roasts berries befo...

justeridan justeridan Oct 16, 2017
I love how the name is "hot lesbian pokephillp porn" because that's what smut is book porn
TehNecroLord TehNecroLord Sep 08, 2016
Its called Unbirth. A friend showed me it but I don't judge.