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Best Of Wattpad

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Kaylina By daydreamer704 Updated 4 days ago

Wattpad is a place where readers can dive into free stories and writers can embrace their creativity in writing. Readers are free to comment their opinions on stories and show their appreciation by voting on these stories. Writers are free to write down their thoughts and express themselves through their writing without having any setbacks. For some of us, readers and writers alike, it's hard for us to make ourselves known because we're so afraid of being judged.

Wattpad helps change that.

The great thing about Wattpad is that we're given the chance to read and write stories that are completely free of charge. There are a handful of stories that have touched a lot of our hearts and have made us sob uncontrollably. Some have made us laugh to the point where our sides ache and are cheeks hurt. Others have had us on the edge of our seats and scared beyond belief. All this is because of how talented the writers are in making us readers react to their stories a certain way. And the funny thing is that many of these writers aren't even professional!

The people who have written stories here on Wattpad ( ex: @millie_ , @writerbug44 , @treblehearts ) are normal people with normal lives who took the chance in creating their own stories and succeeded. It's because of these people, and many more, that readers enjoy reading here on Wattpad. 

This book contains a list of recommendations from many Wattpad authors who took the chance in writing and have succeeded.

ThiChicken ThiChicken Oct 16, 2016
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                              in short, it gave me feels.