First time

First time

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twgarcia026 By twgarcia026 Updated Aug 04, 2016

"Stiles you have to come with me and Isaac to this new club they open" Scott said standing up from a chair "I don't know Scott remember the last time I went with you guys to a club" Stiles said rubbing the back of his head "I got grounded for 3 months" Stiles said "I know but we don't" Scott got caught off by Isaac "we, well excuse me" Isaac said "well I didn't wanted you to be all alone come on it would be fun" Scott said grabbing Stiles by his arm and pulling him up from the couch "fine, but you own me" Stiles said grabbing a hoodie and walking with Isaac and Scott to Stiles jeep and turning the engine on "where's this club you say" stiles asked Scott "oh turn left here" Scott said and Stiles took a left turn "here" Scott pointed to a huge building.


the three friends enter the club but Stiles was on his cellphone "Dude this is awesome" Scott said as he saw all the waiters that were wearing tight underwear, a tall white man with hazel eyes and dark hair walk to Stile...

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I was actually really scared when I saw the picture at the beginning of the chapter
JordanKing867 JordanKing867 Feb 21, 2017
Loved this chapter mostly because I'm like a slut like Derek in this chapter
TeenVenmonous TeenVenmonous Mar 04, 2017
I would be the one to do the threesome and record it in different angles