Chaotic Wonderland [joker] (#Wattys2016)

Chaotic Wonderland [joker] (#Wattys2016)

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Wolf Bale By housesoftheholy Updated Aug 25, 2016

» I love you. I do. I'll never be able to feel this way with anyone else who isn't you, «
» You don't love me. You can't. Look at me... I'm a monster. «
» I don't care. So what if this is insane? I've never felt this liberated. Maybe this is what I want... What I need. This is my wonderland. My chaotic wonderland. «

When simple, shy, 21 year-old Terese Crane has a one-night fling with a handsome stranger, even with the passing of time she is unable to move on and forget the events that happened that passionate night. Years later when Gotham's most wanted criminal is out and about wreaking havoc, Terese can't help but feel drawn to him and viceversa. It's almost as if they already knew each other. Is the Joker Terese's long-lost love who she can't seem to forget? And the biggest question of them all... Can the Joker truly learn to love? Join Terese and the Joker in a chaotic journey that's bound to be a once in a lifetime event. 
I know we are just days of seeing Jared Leto's twist on DC's most celebrated anti-hero, and I'm going out on a limb here with this story as he might be too far off the way I'm portraying him but hopefully it'll be satisfying to many fans out there! I'm trying to make this more of a fluffy fanfic, and I'm writing a lot of it based on the things I believe many Joker fanfics on here lack. I think it'll be interesting to have him not just be the Joker, but to see who he is when the makeup and costumes are gone. 

If you enjoy it please comment and vote! Feedback is very important towards my continuing of this story!

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BlueEyePhantom BlueEyePhantom Aug 25, 2016
You write very well! This story seems very original as well :) I'm excited to read more!
MickitheGeek MickitheGeek Jan 04, 2017
Is it bad that I'm drooling over that pic on the top like come on six pack. I REPEAT Six Pack😋😏👏💕
asdfjklomg asdfjklomg Aug 12, 2016
I'm sorry if I'm being rude but being psychotic means that you are disconnected with reality and see hallucinations and I'm sure that the Joker, if this blonde guy is the Joker, isn't psychotic but rather psychopathic