Kidnapped | A Markiplier/JackSepticEye/Darkiplier/AntiSepticEye Fanfic

Kidnapped | A Markiplier/JackSepticEye/Darkiplier/AntiSepticEye Fanfic

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Book 1 of 2

Antisepticeye decides to kidnap Mark and Jack and force them to do the impossible. Torture, violence, whatever it takes. When things get rough, Anti figures that if he brought his companion into the picture, that things would start to go his way. 

Will Mark and Jack escape the "fiery depths of hell"?

Or will they take Anti's offer?

I have an idea! 
                              Let's play hide and seek! 
                              I'll hide as far away from you as I can and you can try to find me!
                              *runs through the cell bars cuz magic*
VeeP13 VeeP13 Sep 06
who ya gonna call?
                              (that actually works with the song im crying)
I just got da ja vi for the third time today.
                              Help me.
                              I dont like it!!!
I was half expecting Stefano for some reason instead of Dark
GlitchBiatch GlitchBiatch 5 days ago
Looks like everyone beat me to the bro - zoned thing
                              God darn it