Damian Wayne X Reader

Damian Wayne X Reader

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Kimberly By Abz3012 Updated Jan 01

He never needed security. 

Take it from Damian. After a conflict between him and his father, Dick thought that all he needed is a friend.

The one whom understands, caring and somewhat stubborn to take orders from someone. 

And that's how You met The Blood son.

I could see him trying this .................................... is that bad
wait.... i'm Olicity's child right? cuz like OiverxFelicity =<3
Me: So you want me to befriend this Demon
                              Babs: No his name is Damian
                              Me:That's what I said Demon
Me: meh
                              Me: she hesitated 
                              Nico: because your short af
                              Me: Nico stfu
                              Nico: it's true, you're 4'11.5
                              Percy: how come he can say your height without getting hit but I say your height and I get hit?
                              Me: because
                              Me: he's special
Luna-Moons Luna-Moons May 07
I'll kill anyone who tried to set me up for marriage.if your gonna do that might as well become a prostitute