The Alpha's Mute Snow Leopard (bxb) {COMPLETED}

The Alpha's Mute Snow Leopard (bxb) {COMPLETED}

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The Alpha's Mute Snow Leopard 

Caiden Wood is the Alpha of the Iron-Blood pack. He is in his twenties and still hasn't found his mate. One day he gets a call to come down to the cells. They have captured a stray snow leopard on there lands but he refuses to speak. As Caiden travels further into the chamber he catches the sent of lavender and peaches. As they stop in front of a cell he makes eye contact with a small blonde boy. He hears words coming out of his mouth before he can think about it. 

Liam is a mute. He can't speak. He is a lonely snow leopard ran away from home for reasons of his own. His captors don't know this and are trying to make him speak. The whole cell reeks with the sent of wolf. The men outside his cell are talking about how here alpha was coming to deal with him. He could hear figures approach his cell.  He caught a heavenly sent of oak and honey. As a tall, muscular man enters the cell something unexpected happens. Liam is quickly pinned against the wall and one frightening word is said that changes both of there worlds. 

Join Caiden and Liam on there hard journey to love.  There indefinite love is put to the test multiple times. Is there love strong enough to withstand the hard tasks they face?

blueflames15 blueflames15 4 days ago
I love that leopard. I love animals
                              Life I swear when boars I wouldn't be able to hurt, no matter how much they might want to kill me or a lion
I like how you say "in my comments" like what does that mean? Are you antisocial in real life? Cause then I'm just like you 😉😉😉
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Same I love comments and don't  worry, you'll get plenty from me!
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*prays that I've found another person as socially awkward as me but as not awkward online*
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I love how u start the stories... it kinda warm my heart. Heheheh
....I might have and outbreak author-san....when a character is doing something that I don't like I go ham on them with words -_-'