Highest Ranking - #2 in Mystery/Thriller

I want to take you in my arms

And never let you go.

You are my all, my everything

And I will make you mine.

Book 1

Dope_Boy_Zuko_2017 Dope_Boy_Zuko_2017 Aug 14, 2016
Oh hell nah. He was a creep in this other story and I'm not liking his face AT ALL. HE'S UGLY HE LOOK LIKE A BANANA!
oh_its_aria oh_its_aria Jan 14
Can we just take a moment to appreciate the cover is Tate Langdon
Stalkers are the best the love you more than they love themselves
DiahraMaira21 DiahraMaira21 Nov 23, 2016
That's why they are called stalker
                              Haha , love the gif 
                              I love creepy things ,
that-awkward-nerd that-awkward-nerd 4 days ago
Get It...Zachary cause he plays as Zach in Suite life of ZACK and Cody. 
                              Okay....I'll leave
RamRoo RamRoo Jan 01
Why did you choose Chase as her name? It's unique any reason why?