Midnight Romeo [Vampire Story]

Midnight Romeo [Vampire Story]

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Amber By __SimplyAmbz Updated Jan 01, 2011


The death count in Atlanta, Georgia starts to rise, causing some people to take more caution. Most of the time, drug dealers and other crooks are the ones who end up dead. The rising death counts have been going on for about two months, getting closer and closer to Canton, Georgia where eighteen year old Kayla Marie Chatman lives. 

One late night, Kayla Marie runs into the "Midnight Romeo" leaving the club. Oddly, she doesn't die. But someing insane does happen. And for some reason, Kayla Marie can't remember what it was after she wakes up the next morning, as if it was all a blur.

MissDee94 MissDee94 Dec 25, 2010
Ayee, I'm in the story! Lol. That's sad that Kayla lost both her mother and sister back to back like that. Good thing she's listening to her dad and sticking to her new curfew. He's only looking our for her. I just hope we dont get any dumb ideas and decide to stay out later than planned. 
Sunshinebby Sunshinebby Dec 25, 2010
This is really good (: Not so bad for your first vamp story.
__SimplyAmbz __SimplyAmbz Dec 24, 2010
@MissDee94 I'm glad you like it Nesha ! I decided to do something new. (well new to me anyway) Descriptions aren't my specialty and i needed practice in that department.
MissDee94 MissDee94 Dec 24, 2010
AJ this is really good so far! I like your descriptions and figurative language. I don't EVER read vampire stories, but I like this one! I'd like to read more. =]