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When Lucy see's Natsu kissing a certain Take over Mage she immediately leaves Fairy Tail. The day after dragon mating season begins and Natsu isn't feeling to mate with Lisanna, but some one else.  Every other dragon slayer is mating, but him. 

What will he do?

What's gonna happen to him?

Where is Lucy?

All these questions will be answered in YOUR MATE!

(Fairy Tail does not belong to me, but Hiro Mashima)

  • drama
  • fairytail
  • lemon
  • nalu
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er050603 er050603 Jan 19
Nuuuuuu! Nali cannot be aloud to live! (Now imagine that creepy face Juvia made the first time fought Gray and said this when he said he would rather gove his life then hand over Lucy!) Ya I need help!
MaZZyDaTeM MaZZyDaTeM Jan 10
book_craz book_craz Feb 28
My definition of ‘a bit’ is ‘completely totally enormously entirely 100%’
taraabcd taraabcd Jan 27
I have been trying so hard to find this necklace, I found one really like it but a little different. I sent a pic of it to my mom saying that was the necklace I wanted, she said it was cute. I have been praying that I get it.