Jinxed | Suicide Squad

Jinxed | Suicide Squad

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not winter By lovingholland Updated Aug 17

❝i'm bad luck. good was never an option for me.❞ 

❝ain't you just a ray of sunshine?❞ 

in which an pink haired witch girl is forced to join a task force of 'crazies' like her.

{? x oc}
{suicide squad movie}

Yolowlo4eva Yolowlo4eva Oct 02
I would love to write a fanfic on this fanfic... like she has pink hair and shhe is one of two so the other one has blue hair and is good luck
TurtleGates TurtleGates Aug 15
I fangirled over four songs in here.. Heathens - twenty one Piløts, dollhouse - Melanie Martinez, Pretty Little Psyco - porcelain black and So Cold - Ben Cocks