Jinxed | Suicide Squad

Jinxed | Suicide Squad

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moved accs By lovingholland Updated Aug 17, 2016

❝i'm bad luck. good was never an option for me.❞ 

❝ain't you just a ray of sunshine?❞ 

in which an pink haired witch girl is forced to join a task force of 'crazies' like her.

{? x oc}
{suicide squad movie}

Yolowlo4eva Yolowlo4eva Oct 02, 2016
I would love to write a fanfic on this fanfic... like she has pink hair and shhe is one of two so the other one has blue hair and is good luck
TurtleGates TurtleGates Aug 15, 2016
I fangirled over four songs in here.. Heathens - twenty one Piløts, dollhouse - Melanie Martinez, Pretty Little Psyco - porcelain black and So Cold - Ben Cocks