Knock On Wood  {James Sirius Potter}

Knock On Wood {James Sirius Potter}

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Sarcastic&Fantastic {Festive Caribou} By TheOrangeGryffindor Updated Oct 28, 2016

{Harry Potter Next Gen}
{companion book to Stars}
    Artemis Wood isn't a proper girl by most people's standards. Shes messy, she's muddy and she's been a Quidditch pro since she was six. And as she grows older people just get more frustrated with her sarcastic, and tomboyish personality. 
She's the type of girl you'd peg as a beautiful girly girl, until you meet her. Then she's all muddy boots and leather jackets. If there's one thing boys have learned its, She's beauty, she's grace, she will punch you in the face . 

     So when first year rolls around she's naturally the most trouble Gryffindor has seen since The Golden Trio. And she won't let James Sirius ruin her rep as the best Gryffindor Quidditch player since Harry Potter. Nope. 
She's going to beat James at everything he challenges her at if its the last thing she does. 
But there's one thing holding her back.
She's a werewolf.

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Looooooooove the Wood kids! I adore huge families for some reason!
moonstorm19 moonstorm19 Mar 19
I swear all these A's are getting me confused. Atalanta, Adromeda, Artemis.
I started laughing reading this and I choked on the bacon I was eating... I have a friend with the last name Wood, this soccer season is going to be amazing!!!
DaughterOfApollo816 DaughterOfApollo816 Oct 14, 2016
Everybody's here worrying and I'm just here still thinking, "Why do all of their names have something to do with Greek myths?"
etmisg etmisg Aug 01, 2016
I ship it. Ares x Atalanta, what would that be? ... Arelanta?
hahnerd hahnerd Feb 11
The overly competitive quidditch player, to the father, with sixteen kids, what's next?