Use to Know You

Use to Know You

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Libra23 By Libra23 Updated 5 days ago

They grew up together!

Best friends!

They enjoyed the luxury of just being kids until the couldn't anymore!

He would have done anything to protect her and she knew it!

His need to be her hero ultimately got him in trouble.

He took matters into his own hands and when all was said and done she couldn't face him!

Once so close, now he was just somebody she use to know!

This is the story of June and Jody


Chris Brown as June Brown
Robyn "Rihanna" Fenty as Jody Smith

Sit back and watch the tale unfold as June & Jody try to become someone other than 

"Use to Know You"

rnavy4life rnavy4life Jul 16
I love it so far! Curious as to why she never visited him and now tried to run away before he could see her
This ain't 'On The Run' bitch, you  ain't Beyonce. Calm down.
Mermoirs Mermoirs Jul 18
When you go to a friends house and your mother acts as if you were gone for years. 😭
Aaah my baby in jail. noooooooooooo. Anyways this gonna be a fun book my side nigga August in here so...
pamiewamie pamiewamie Jul 16
Eh why is she running why show your face now after 8 years and run away when his finally infront of you she did him dirty for not visiting I wonder why she never did🤔🤔
badgalliya_ badgalliya_ Jul 16
I love dis book already 👏👏👏💗💗💗💗 dats right June chase after her boy. I love his name in da book by da way.